Pelle Morbida is now showing visuals for its ” Marrakech ” collection featuring Yosuke Kubozuka!


Pelle Morbida is now showing visuals for its " Marrakech " collection featuring Yosuke Kubozuka!

PELLE MORBIDA’s “MARRAKECH” series, which was released as part of the 2022 Spring/Summer collection, is inspired by the popular resort city of Morocco. The beautiful colors and motifs of this series invite you on a relaxing journey, and the attractive visuals of actor Yosuke Kubozuka, who is enjoying life in his own way and taking a leap into the world, are a must-see.

Yosuke Kubozuka appears in the “Marrakech” collection of Pelle Morbida, a brand for adults who seek “quality of life”!

Pelle Morbida offers items that are elegant, high quality, durable, and functional. This season’s ” Marrakech ” collection focuses on the unique streets of Morocco, where European and African cultures intersect. The collection focuses on each item with visuals of Yosuke Kubozuka leaning against a bag of patchwork and mosaic prints with unique coloring.

A charming Boston bag with a patchwork of bright colors.

The patchwork design is inspired by the Majorelle Gardens, a tourist attraction famous for the fantastic blue colors of Marrakech. Using the tile pattern of the garden’s fountain as a motif, craftsmen carefully cut and hand-craft each piece of fine cowhide leather.
Price: 165,000 (tax included)

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Easy-to-use tote bag from the patchwork series

This tote bag with a modern impression in black and white monotone is conveniently sized to hold a 13-inch laptop computer. With a zipper pocket and an open pocket inside the bag for storing small items, it can be expected to be useful in business situations as well.
Price: 121,000 (tax included)

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An all-black mini tote bag to match any style

The all-black type, which accentuates the appeal of high-quality leather, features a simplicity that is easy to coordinate. Despite its mini size, it comes with an interior pocket, making it useful for daily use or as a second bag when traveling.
Price: 69,300 (tax included)

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A tote bag with a striking original mosaic print

Inspired by the vivid colors and geometric patterns of the streets and museums of Marrakech, Morocco, Pelle Morbida’s original print has a fresh coloring that is perfect for the spring and summer season. The large size is ideal for travel, and comes with a small pouch to keep small items separate.
Price: 42,900 (tax included)

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A mini tote bag with an exotic print to accent your outfits

This mini-sized tote bag is gaining popularity among highly-sensitive adult men. The unique Moroccan-style geometric pattern adds a stylish and playful touch to your coordination.
Price: 31,900 (tax included)

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