Louis Vuitton launches LV Volt, the Maison’s first unisex jewelry collection!


Louis Vuitton launches LV Volt, the Maison's first unisex jewelry collection!

Louis Vuitton has launched a new unisex fine jewelry collection, “LV Volt,” the Maison’s first collection of unisex fine jewelry. The collection will be available at Matsuya Ginza, Omotesando, Maison Osaka Midosuji, Yokohama Takashimaya, Seibu Ikebukuro, and Matsuzakaya Nagoya stores from August 14, 2020 (Fri), which will be the same day as the global launch. The nationwide rollout will begin on September 18 (Fri.), 2020. In conjunction with the launch of the “LV Volt” collection, a limited-time store will be open at the Hankyu Umeda store from August 12 (Wed) to August 25 (Tue).

Louis Vuitton’s new “LV Volt” jewelry collection focuses on the Maison’s symbolic “L” and “V

Louis Vuitton has launched ” LV Volt “, the Maison’s first new unisex fine jewelry collection. The collection focuses on the Maison’s symbolic “L” and “V”. The powerful, graphically finished fine jewelry pieces are designed to transcend borders and gender.

Check out Louis Vuitton’s ” LV Volt ” collection!

The clean shapes, soft and sleek contours, and power of the light motifs in these fine jewelry pieces allow for a variety of combinations, making them uniquely unisex. The LV Volt collection, created by the Maison’s renowned craftsmanship, is based on abstract art forms that have been carefully cultivated over a long history, finding energy, setting the tempo, and establishing a rhythm to create a new beat.

Discover the ” LV Volt ” collection by Louis Vuitton!

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