Jeans Codes Compilation! Introducing men’s denim outfits by category, from season to color!


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Jeans Codes Compilation! Introducing men's denim outfits by category, from season to color!

A navy shirt with contrasting details gives a clean look to a jeans outfit.

Pale indigo blue ankle-length slim jeans and a short-sleeved navy shirt with contrasting ivory detailing complete this clean summer look. The brown leather derby shoes with a glossy feel are worn barefoot to give a stylish look to the feet, which is the specialty of fashionable people, creating an outfit that is neither too formal nor too overdone. The choice of a shirt with many gimmicks such as a large collar, fly-front specification, and oversized short sleeves, not to mention the characteristic contrasting details, is a good choice.

Neuw Jeans

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An oversized T-shirt injects a trendy look into a jeans coordinate with a sticky badge.

The slim fit, tapered jeans with sticky patches and Numero Ventuno’s oversized logo T-shirt are the perfect combination for this man who is tuned to the latest fashion trends. He chose jeans decorated with pop patches to distinguish them from jeans that are all about the ruggedness, and the navy and white color scheme gives a clean impression without overdoing the use of caps, T-shirts, and lots of logos on the patches. The rhythm of the white color scheme is also good, as it has a good neutralizing power.


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