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3 reasons why Loewe wallets are the choice of men and 6 recommended models


3 reasons why Loewe wallets are the choice of men and 6 recommended models

There are many choices in men’s wallets, but Loewe’s wallets in particular have a certain charm that men should choose. Along with their charms, we will introduce selected models that we recommend to our readers.

Reasons to choose LOEWE wallets (1)Spanish Royal Warrant! A long-established brand strong in leather products

LOEWE is a long-established luxury brand founded in Spain in 1872. Compared with other luxury brands, this brand continues to stand out for its ” excellent leather products. This is because the brand was founded in 1846 by a German leather craftsman, Enrique Loewe Rosberg, who was so impressed by the silky, fine leather he encountered when he visited Spain, where the leather industry flourished, that he gathered leather craftsmen and started a leather workshop in Madrid, Spain. The company’s origins can be traced back to 1846, when it started a leather workshop in Madrid, Spain. The company’s superiority in “selection of skins,” “leather finishing techniques,” “cutting and sewing techniques,” “design,” etc., overwhelmed others, and the company even received a royal warrant from the Spanish royal family. The above will be a great reason to choose this brand when selecting a wallet, which is a typical leather product.

Why you should choose a LOEWE wallet (2)Evolution to an extremely fashionable brand image

Loewe has been in the Since becoming a part of LVMH in 1996, Loewe has brought in a number of creative directors, especially Jonathan Anderson, the designer of ” J.W. Anderson,” to join the company, and while retaining the image of a luxury brand with a strong focus on leather goods, Loewe has evolved into a fashionable brand that is recognized at the forefront of the fashion industry, including its clothing. The participation of Jonathan Anderson, designer of “W. Anderson”, has completely established a fashionable brand image that is recognized at the forefront of the fashion industry, including clothing, while maintaining the image of a luxury brand with strong leather goods capabilities. Incidentally, in the hottest brands of the fourth quarter of 2023 by LYST, ” LOEWE ” was ranked in third place, following ” Prada ” in first place and ” MIU MIU ” in second place. When it comes to wallets made by leather craftsmen with a special attention to detail, there are many cases where the quality is good, but the design is too fussy or the brand image is not fashionable, but Loewe’s wallets are the exception to the rule. Loewe wallets are a good choice for many men because they combine the quality of leather products, a high degree of perfection in design, and a fashionable brand image.

Why you should choose a LOEWE wallet (3)Leather and iconic design

Loewe wallets are made of fine calf. Loewe wallets are made of fine calf, but there are many variations in softness, firmness, luster, and surface feel, such as “classic calf,” “silk calf,” “satin calf,” “shiny calf,” “shiny napa calf,” and “soft grain calf,” each with its own unique charm. Each of them has its own unique charm. The image below shows the product page of Loewe’s official online store, where the materials used for Loewe’s leather products are listed in the most prominent part of the product name. This shows that Loewe is particular about leather at a level that sets it apart from others.
The lineup also features iconic Loewe designs, such as the “Puzzle” and “Loewe Patch” invented by Jonathan Anderson, which have been incorporated into the current Loewe lineup of wallets.

The following is a selection of six Loewe wallets that I particularly recommend.

LOEWE wallets recommended for good-looking men (1)Puzzle Slim Compact Wallet (Classic Calf)

The Puzzle bag, which was inspired by Japanese origami and invented by Jonathan Anderson, has been very popular among women since its launch in the 2015 SS collection. Since its introduction in the 2015 SS collection, the puzzle bag has been extremely popular among women and reigns as a masterpiece representing the current Loewe brand. The wallets and accessories that reflect the design essence of the Puzzle Bag have an iconic appeal that can be recognized without looking at the brand logo, “Loewe! The first one we picked up is the “Loewe” bag, which is a masterpiece representing Loewe. The first item we picked up is a mini wallet featuring the puzzle design and Loewe’s most classic classic calf leather. It is packed with a coin purse, six card pockets, four slip pockets, and a pocket for bills, making it perfect for the man who primarily uses cards and electronic payments, but also uses cash.

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LOEWE wallets for good-looking men (2)Bifold Coin Wallet (Shiny Calf)

The best-selling series of Loewe men’s wallets is the Bifold Coin Wallet. It is equipped with a coin case, and its orthodox usability is the reason for its popularity. From such a surefire series, we picked up a wallet with a design that evokes a playful sense of elegance typical of Loewe. The bi-color of black and deep navy shines against the shiny calf material, which has a glossy, bouncy, and slightly delicate texture. Even though it is bicolor, it is a combination of standard menswear colors, so it fits in with many men’s outfits.

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LOEWE wallets for cool men (3)

Cashless payment is finally becoming popular in Japan after a delay in the rest of the world, but there are still some stores that only accept cash, and in Japan However, there are still some shops that only accept cash, and in Japan, it is convenient to have a wallet with enough space for bills and coins. In such a situation, “tri-fold wallets,” which are compact in size but can also hold coins, are attracting increasing attention. The “Trifold Wallet” picked up from Loewe features the “Loewe Patch” design that is often used on Loewe clothing, giving it a slightly pop atmosphere. However, the use of satin calf, which is characterized by a slightly matte sheen and strong firmness like satin, adds a calm atmosphere, and it is within the category of designs that can be used for any occasion.

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LOEWE wallets for good looking men (4)Bifold Coin Wallet (Soft Grain Calf)

The “Bifold Coin Wallet” is Loewe’s best selling wallet as mentioned above and features a basic design that is ideal for everyday use. It belongs to the Essential line, which features a basic design that is ideal for everyday use. The “Bi-fold Coin Wallet” is made of soft grain calf leather and is based on the image of the basic bi-fold wallet. It is available in seven colors, but we especially recommend the winter brown, which is very Loewe-like.

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LOEWE wallets for good-looking men (5)Brand Open Wallet (Grained Calf)

For men who usually carry a bag, a long wallet is a strong choice. In addition to the simple advantage of high storage capacity, it is effective when you want to create an image of class and conservatism. This time, we picked up the ” Brand Open Wallet,” which has an appealing design that is not too formal, just like Loewe. The large Loewe anagram embossed on the front and the use of grained calfskin give it a design that would not look out of place in a casual setting. Two large pockets allow for receipts to be stored without problems.

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LOEWE wallets for handsome men (6)Folded Wallet (Shiny Napa Calf)

Wallets are basically used every day for several years, so we tend to choose safe black or brown, but if you play with colors boldly If you take the plunge and play around with colors, you might see a different view. For men who have the courage to do so, I recommend the ” Folded Wallet ” in seaside blue on the surface and light gray on the inside. The shiny napa calf, the most luxurious calf used in Loewe wallets, is used, and the blue and gray colors look great against the understated and elegant luster of the calf. The silver LOEWE embossing on the inside is stylish. Although there are spaces for banknotes and coins, the capacity is very limited, so it is mainly for men who use credit cards and smartphones for payment.

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