What is the appeal of Ettinger wallets? Includes recommended models, with a focus on bridle leather!


What is the appeal of Ettinger wallets? Includes recommended models, with a focus on bridle leather!

ETTINGER” is a British leather goods brand established in 1934. The brand has earned a “Royal Warrant,” which is a proof of British royal warrant, and wallets made of bridle leather, which is synonymous with the brand, are a gem that every man would like to use at least once. In this issue, we will introduce the charm of such Ettinger wallets and recommended models.

British brand that handles the finest leather itemsETTINGER

The brand “ETTINGER” was established in 1934 by Jerry Ettinger, who grew up in a family of seamstresses in the British army for many generations. The brand “ETTINGER (Ettinger)” was established by Jerry Ettinger who grew up in the family of the sewing craftsman of the British army for generations. It is one of the few high-class leather goods manufacturers born in the U.K., and is called one of the “Three British Families” along with “Whitehouse Cox” and “Glenroyal” in Japan. The feature is the high quality manufacturing by handmade that reflects the high quality leather and craftsmanship that is particular from the material selection, and the leather goods of the highest quality are produced from the time of establishment to the present. They are the only one of the three British brands to have a “Royal Warrant” and are highly regarded for their simple designs and elegant use of materials that never get old.

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Five reasons why people choose Ettinger wallets?

Reasons for Ettinger wallets (1)Original 'bridle leather' that gets better with use

What gives Ettinger wallets their beautiful look? The reason for the beautiful look of Ettinger wallets lies in the leather material used. High-quality leathers are selected from tanneries with which we have built a special relationship over the years, and most of them are exclusive to Ettinger. Bridle leather,” which is famous as leather used for harnesses, is an original leather made for Ettinger, and is used for many items as a symbolic material of the brand. Ettinger’s bridle leather is characterized by thick, durable leather that is dyed with extreme precision, and the more it is used, the more its luster increases as the bloom on the surface fades. In addition to bridle leather, the company also uses a variety of other high-quality materials, such as fine calfskin calf leather and London Tan panel hide, which is used inside the wallet.

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Why Ettinger wallets are chosen (2)

Ettinger is popular in Japan as a wallet suitable for gentlemen. The smart, thin gusset makes it easy to store in a pocket. The thin profile makes it easy to slip into business jackets and pants, which do not have much storage capacity, and its smart portability is another reason for its popularity. It matches the current trend for smaller bags as hand luggage becomes more minimalist, so it is sure to come in handy on any occasion.

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Why Ettinger wallets are chosen (3)High quality only possible with 'handmade' reflecting inherited skills

Ettinger wallets are made in Walsall, Birmingham, England The company’s wallets are made in its own factory in Walsall, Birmingham, England, by craftsmen whose skills have been passed down through several generations. All processes, such as thinly finishing high-grade leather while maintaining durability and delicate stitchwork molded with fine stitches, are done by hand, creating a simple yet elegant atmosphere. The delicate craftsmanship that only handmade products can achieve, combined with the premium leather and smart form, creates a unique and luxurious look.

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Why Ettinger wallets are chosen (4)

The lining material and coloring are also very particular, Ettinger wallets are attractive. The lining material used is London Tan panel hide, an eye-catching color that has passed strict standards. The vegetable-tanned leather is environmentally friendly. The bi-color design, with a chic dark tone on the outside and a contrasting bright color on the inside, is a unique look that will make you ask, “Where did you get that wallet? The bicolor design is chic dark tone on the outside, but the bright color on the inside is opposite to it, making it an outfit full of individuality. The playful colors peeking out from the dark tones, which can be used without hesitation even in business situations, are irresistible.

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Reasons why Ettinger wallets are chosen (5)Logo design

Ettinger wallets feature a simple design that can be used in a wide range of situations. Ettinger. The only iconic detail is the foil stamping and engraving of the royal warrant. The brightly colored inner lining is set with the coat of arms of Prince Charles (as of 1996), which only brands with a royal warrant are allowed to use. This coat of arms adds a touch of luxury.

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A selection of Ettinger's best wallets!

In this issue, we pick from the many Ettinger lineups, including a bifold, a long wallet, a trifold mini wallet, and a coin purse, as well as a limited edition model celebrating its 90th anniversary!


BILLFOLD3C/C & COIN PURSE” subtitle=”Ettinger’s recommended wallets ①”]

Among the many wallets from Ettinger, here is the most popular and long-selling standard fold wallet. It features a combination design of bridle leather outer and panel hide yellow inner, the iconic design of Ettinger since its foundation. 2-layered bill compartment, snap-button coin pocket, 3 card pockets and 3 flat pockets are each equipped. The compact size is also very roomy. If you are looking for a classic, this is the wallet for you.

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LONG WALLET WITH GUSSET POCKET” subtitle=”Ettinger’s Recommended Wallets (2)”]

The bridle leather long wallet is available exclusively at Ettinger’s Ginza store. It has a slimmer form that is 1.5 cm longer vertically than the standard long wallet, sublimating it to a more stylish design. In addition to a gusseted bill compartment and a pocket that can hold 12 cards, it has one flat pocket for smartly carrying cards and bills. There is no coin pocket, so those who carry coins are recommended to use it with a coin purse.

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[“Grain Calf”] 90th Anniversary Model BILLFOLD3C/C & COIN PURSE

Ettinger, which celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2024, is now offering anniversary models in limited quantities at its directly managed Ginza store. Based on the standard design of the “SLIM LONG WALLET” long wallet and the “BILLFOLD3C/C & COIN PURSE” foldable, this high-quality design has been dyed inside in purple, the theme color of the British Royal Family. The curved card pocket used only on the first model and the gold foil stamping of the British Kingsguard are also details unique to the anniversary model that cannot be overlooked.

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BILLFOLD 10C/C & COIN PURSE” subtitle=”Ettinger’s Recommended Wallets (3)”]

This foldable wallet features a snap-button strap and a moderate size. In addition to the 10 card pockets, there is a large coin pocket on the back. Calf leather with a fine and smooth texture is used, showing a beautiful shine different from that of the iconic bridle leather. The inside is available in four color variations inspired by the ink colors of British banknotes. The lineup also includes a model in purple, the theme color of the British royal family and known as the Royal Collection.

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3FOLD WALLET w. COIN PURSE” subtitle=”Ettinger’s recommended wallets ④”]

The mini wallet of the trifold type that is gaining popularity these days has been realized by fan demand. 7.5cm x 9.5cm, the size fits in the hand It is the smallest of Ettinger’s wallets at 7.5cm x 9.5cm. Three card pockets inside the bill compartment provide the minimum amount of card storage for a mini wallet. The coin pocket is lined with a Jacquard weave fabric with the Ettinger logo embroidered on it, creating a luxurious detailing. The thin and small mini wallet is an excellent choice for pockets without being bulky.

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SMALL TRAY PURSE” subtitle=”Ettinger’s Recommended Wallets (5)”]

Even though we have gone cashless, coin purses are useful when you want to carry some cash. It features a classic U-shaped form inspired by the horseshoe, which is a horseshoe attached to the hoof of a horse, and the inside is in Ettinger’s typical bright colors. With a wide variety of colors, it is easy to find a model to suit your taste. In Europe, the horseshoe’s unique shape is said to “capture happiness and keep it close,” making it a good luck gift. The price is also reasonable, making it a good choice for first-time Ettinger buyers.

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