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What is ” Grampa Core ” rumored to be in vogue in 2024?


What is " Grampa Core " rumored to be in vogue in 2024?

Gnome core,” “gorp core,” “business core,” and “00 core” are among the recent trends in expression. The keyword seems to be similar to the Japanese term “00kei,” and it is rumored that “grampa core” will be in vogue in 2024.

What is “grandpacore”?

Grampa-core is a word coined by combining “grandpa=grandfather” and “hardcore=core, core. With the nuance of dressing as one’s grandfather would have dressed, the term “grandpacore” refers not only to the sophisticated outfits of seniors, but also to the outfits of Gen Z and millennials who have borrowed clothes from their family’s old wardrobe. It has become a hot topic on social networking sites because it matches the “vintage clothing,” “relaxed silhouettes with no fuss,” “cozy and classy atmosphere,” and “revival of old trends,” all of which have been attracting attention over the past few years, as well as because it is easy to understand and catchy.

The number of posts on TikTok and Instagram with the hashtag #grandpacore has skyrocketed (Instagram had over 14,000 posts as of January 25, 2024). Loewe’s fall/winter 2024-25 men’s collection focuses on “grandpacore” and “skate culture,” which is expected to follow normcore as a global trend that will attract more and more attention in the future.

Editor Tachibana
Grampa core is a new trend, but I think the culture of teenagers pulling clothes out of their parents’ and grandparents’ closets has always existed. When I was a student, I would borrow my grandfather’s sweatshirt or my father’s down jacket. At the time, I had no idea that such a way of dressing would become a trend …

Looking back now, Jannik ‘s post about how cool he looks in street fashion at almost 80 years of age became a hot topic on social networking sites, and Old Money Fashion, an aesthetic and attire inspired by generations of wealthy American aristocrats, has been gaining attention over the past few years. The author feels that there have been many signs of the Grampa Core trend over the past few years. Currently cited as a role model for glampacore is Tyler the Creator, a rapper from California, USA. He has an extraordinary sense of both music and fashion, and many hip-hop lovers have been following him for a long time.

Photo by Chelsea Lauren

Here’s a look at the “Grampa Core” for your reference!

From here, we will introduce some key points of interest in dressing with reference snaps of Grampa Core.

Loose-fitting pants with a deep crotch

The deep crotch and pleated pants silhouette with room around the waist give a mature man a relaxed look.

Clark Gable

Suit Jacket Style with Appropriate Comfort

The size balance of the classic jacket is a perfect example of a masculine and comfortable jacket.

Throwing on a fine vintage coat

A coat made of fine fabric will look better the more you wear it.

SIROCCO, Humphrey Bogart, 1951

Tied-up shirts for everyday corsets

The key to looking fashionable is to have a tie that is worn with a nonchalant air of sophistication.

New Balance sneakers fit right in.

The footwear for Grandpa Koa is basically leather shoes, or for sneakers, New Balance is a strong choice.

Watches and accessories are asset-valued, understated, and subtle.

Mature men who have experienced the changes in fashion trends firsthand are not only sophisticated in their outfits, but are also adept at incorporating quality watches and accessories without being too showy.


Inner tops should be ” collared ” and classy.

The neck should not look sloppy, so choose a shirt with a collar or a turtleneck knit top in a classy manner.

Scarfs and bandanas add a glamorous finishing touch to outfits.

A scarf bandana around the neck can add a touch of glamour to a light-toned outfit. It is one of the usual techniques used by experienced fashionable men.

Clark Gable

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Editor Tachibana
If you want to see real Grampa outfits, follow the Instagram account called gramparents, which curates snaps of Grampas and Grammas shared on the social networking site. What’s more, the late street fashion legend Virgil Abloh also follows the site!

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