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What is a track jacket? Introducing the hottest coordinates & classic brands for adult men.


What is a track jacket? Introducing the hottest coordinates & classic brands for adult men.

With the changing times, all kinds of mix-and-match styles have been accepted, and sportswear seems to have established its citizenship as a fashion item. Among these, the ” track jacket ” is a standard outerwear item that can be expected to play an active role as outerwear for spring and fall when the seasons change.

What is a track jacket?

A track jacket is a light outerwear developed as athletic wear for training. It is mainly worn by athletes before and after track events to keep the body cool, and is characterized by a stand collar with a front zipper, highly elastic ribbed cuffs, and a waistband. The materials used are mainly jersey fabrics made of synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. In Japan, both track jackets and track pants are often referred to as “jerseys” using the name of the material as the item name.


The denim jacket “TRUCKER JACKET” of the third model of Levi’s, which is similar in character to the track jacket (TRACK JACKET), was originally made for cowboys, miners, and railroad workers to wear. It is based on workwear originally made for cowboys, miners and railroad workers, and is different from the track jacket developed for athletic use.

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Trivia: What is the difference between a ” track jacket ” and a ” jersey “?

The names “track jacket” and “jersey” are commonly used as almost synonymous terms in Japan. However, “track jacket” is originally an item name referring to its style, while “jersey” refers to a fabric, which is a soft and stretchy knit fabric. It is important to keep in mind that “track jacket” is essentially the name of the item and “jersey” is the name of the fabric.

Advantages of incorporating track jackets into your coordinate

The advantage of incorporating a track jacket into a coordinate is that it can create a “retro sports taste” and a “light and relaxed look. Moreover, the stretchy, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant jersey fabric makes it easy to put on and take off without worrying about wrinkles when out and about, and it functions as the perfect light outerwear for the change of season, when the temperature changes markedly between morning and evening and during the day.

What are the “disadvantages” of incorporating a track jacket into a coordinate?

The disadvantage of incorporating a track jacket into a coordinate is that it requires a certain amount of technique to wear it for town use, since it originated as sportswear. If you carelessly coordinate an item that is not much different from a student’s gym uniform, it will look tacky in almost all cases. It is important to learn how to wear a track jacket in a fashionable manner.

What are the tips for adult men to wear track jackets?

If you want to wear a track jacket smartly as street wear, it is recommended to create a chic and urban atmosphere with a focus on dark tones. Basic colors such as black and navy can be easily matched with other clothes on hand, making it easy to enjoy a variety of mix-and-match coordinates.

Editor Tachibana
The above outfit is also a good reference point for styling a track jacket with easy-spec slacks-type pants. I think there is no harm in having a pair in your closet.
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Tracksuit coordination is for advanced users!

Track jackets and track pants are great options for sporty street wear, but track jacket and track pants set-ups, or “tracksuits,” are more difficult to wear on the street and require a higher level of skill. In order to create a reasonably fashionable look, it is necessary to create an atmosphere that is steeped in the cultural styles of UK drills and Britpop, use accessories that give the look of street wear, and have a sophisticated dressing technique. Be careful not to simply incorporate them into your coordinate without any means, as you will end up looking like you are simply wearing workout clothes. It is important to differentiate tracksuits from gym clothes while making them convincing as street wear.

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