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Wallaby Boots Codes Special! Introducing men’s outfits with Clarks’ masterpieces.


Wallaby Boots Codes Special! Introducing men's outfits with Clarks' masterpieces.

The “Wallabee” is a casual shoe from the British brand Clarks that has captured the hearts of many fans with its outstanding comfort and unmistakable look. The moccasin design with laces has a great appeal in its ease of use that can be combined with casual styles such as denim and work pants, as well as with formal jackets. In this issue, we focus on the “wallaby” and introduce some of the most popular coordinates and recommended items!

Timeless classic shoes

“(Clarks) was founded by brothers Silas and James Clark in 1825 in southwestern England. It is known as an innovative shoe brand that has sent many masterpiece shoes such as “Desert Boots,” “Wallabies,” “Natalie,” and “Desert Trek” to the world, which is rare in the United Kingdom where the culture that values tradition is strongly rooted.

The “Wallaby” is the model that such a long-established brand launched as a “second pair of desert boots. Originally, “Grasshopper” moccasin shoes were created in 1964 by Sioux, a German company acquired by Clarks, and were initially sold in the U.K. under the same model name, but around 1966, the name was changed to “Wallaby” to coincide with global expansion. The model name was changed to “Wallaby” at the time of global development around 1966. The model’s name is said to have been derived from the moccasin structure that gently wraps the foot and is said to have been named after a wallaby, a member of the kangaroo family, which protects its young with its belly.

Incidentally, the wallaby was initially produced by the Padomore & Barnes factory in Ireland. Padomore&Barnes is currently developing moccasin shoes that retain the original wooden pattern as a factory brand.

Find Padomore&Barnes shoes

I want to wear them knowing their appeal!

The Wallabee is most notable for its foot-shaped toe that gently wraps the foot for comfort, suede upper with moccasin construction, and crepe sole with soft cushioning provided by natural rubber. The Clarks Wallabee is as smooth to slip on as a slip-on and fits underfoot in all styles, from outdoor to Ivy, mod, and street, making it a favorite of the world’s most fashion-conscious and stylish people, and quickly established itself as a classic casual shoe.

The Clarks Wallabee continues to be popular as a standard shoe today, with collaboration models with various brands and special-order models for select stores. Recently, the company collaborated with the popular fast fashion brand ZARA, which released its first collection in 2023, which attracted a great deal of attention, followed by a second collection in 2024.

Clarks are especially hot every April!Announcing April 26th of every year as

Clarks has announced April 26 of each year as ‘ Wallaby Day’ in honor of April 26, 1971, when the first Wallaby was exported to the U.S. In April 2024, Clarks will celebrate Wallaby Day with a variety of collaborative and custom projects. A social campaign will also be held, inviting Wallaby fans to submit Instagram posts. On the official Instagram page, Wu-Tang Clan member Lake Wong, a well-known Wallaby fan, appeared with the Wallaby Day announcement and left the following comment.

Wallaby Day needs to happen. Everyone needs to be able to say, today is a day to let loose and relax.

WALLABEE DAY Social Campaign Details

∙ Submission period: Monday, April 8, 2024 – Sunday, April 21, 2024
∙ Conditions for participation: Post Wallaby-inspired art, photos, animations, or coordinating photos wearing Wallabies on Instagram with the hashtags #WALLABEEDAY and #WallabyDay.
The winners will be announced on Friday, April 26, Wallaby Day, on the official @clarkssoriginals Instagram account. ( UK time ) Winners will also be contacted via DM from the official Instagram account.

Editor Tachibana
On April 26, 1971, the first export of wallabies to the United States, customs officials at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport mistakenly believed that 4,176 wallabies were being shipped from the UK, according to an anecdote. Until they were informed that the wallabies in the cargo were shoes, customs officials kept contacting Clarks to confirm that the animals were in safe condition to handle and that they lacked the documentation to transport such a large number of live animals.

How do adult men coordinate their wallabies?Clarks Wallaby wearers show us how they wear their Wallabies!

Clarks 'Wallaby' Coordinates (1)Light-toned wallabies lighten up the chic dark-toned axis of the coordinate

Coordinating just the right proportion of cool but not overly formal has been attracting attention recently. Wallabies are just the right finish to create just the right amount of slackness on the feet while maintaining a sense of class. The light-toned wallabies, such as the classic maple suede, give a light impression to a chic dark-toned outfit.

Clarks 'Wallabies' cord ②Wallabies in classic maple suede can be worn with an earth-colored cord for a cozy look.

Maple suede is the standard color for Clarks wallabies. The light tone and coloring that is not too assertive fits all kinds of coordinates. To put together a cozy look, we recommend not picking up too much of the bruised color, as shown in the coordinate below, but using related earth colors to make it look more glamorous.

Clarks 'Wallabee' Cordage (3)Black for a mature look! Wear them like dress shoes to tighten up a casual coordinate.

Pick up a casual coordinate with black Wallabees chosen. As if you were wearing dress shoes, roll up your jeans and neatly put together a black wallaby coordinate to give it a mature and tight look.

Find the ideal men's coordinate from our editorial snapsA quick look at the Clarks

Wallaby 2024 Featured Models!

Wallaby (Maple Suede)

The first thing that comes to mind when people say Wallaby is the classic color maple suede. The finished, understated coloring and sense of unity that seems to arrive in a roundabout way is a great choice.

Click here for details and purchase

Clarks 'Wallaby' 2024Wallaby Boots (Black Leather)

Wallaby boots made of smooth leather, different from the standard suede. They are like chukka boots, and can be worn with casual outfits or as a subtle addition to a jacketed outfit.

Click here for details and purchase.

Clarks 'Wallaby' 2024 Featured ModelWallaby Gore-Tex

The Gore-Tex Wallaby has a Vibram sole instead of a crepe sole. It is not only recommended for rainy day shoes, but also goes well with “”Gopecore”” and other outdoor style footwear.

Click here for details and purchase

Clarks 'Wallaby' 2024 Featured ModelWallaby Cup Slip-On

This pair of Clarks Wallabies has been modified to a mule version for more casual wear. The sole is thicker than that of the standard Wallabee, so you can expect a style-enhancing effect.

Click here for details and purchase.

Clarks 'Wallaby' 2024 Featured ModelWallaby Boat

The Wallaby Boat incorporates details found on boat shoes. The slightly retro look, which is different from the usual Wallabee, expands the range of outfits.

Click here for details and purchase.

Clarks 'Wallabee' 2024Maple Croc

This special croc-embossed wallaby is a great way to accentuate the footwear of a simple outfit with a single point of interest. Wear them with rough sweatpants or thick slacks for a relaxed, yet luxurious, adult look.

Click here for details and purchase.

Clarks 'Wallaby' 2024 Model to WatchWallaby Loafer

The “Wallaby Loafer” was reissued from the Clarks archives. The upper is similar in shape to a penny loafer, but an overlapping part is sewn onto the saddle at the instep where a cutout would normally be made. The nearly square toe shape and crepe sole are Wallabies themselves.

Click here for details and purchase

Clarks 'Wallaby' 2024 Featured ModelWallaby Loafer Weave

Inspired by the Wallaby loafer and Wallach sandal, the Wallaby is perfect for summer. Recommended for those looking for a classy summer shoe that is different from orthodox loafers and guru or sandals.

Click here for details and purchase.

Choose a smaller size than the sneakers you usually wear!

Editor Tachibana
I know it depends on the individual, but I would recommend that ” Wallabies ” be sized down -1~1.5cm from the sneakers you normally wear. I usually wear sneakers at 26.5cm and feel a little roomy, but the 26.5cm (UK8.5) in the “Wallabee” was very buggy. When I talked to Clarks staff, it seems that many people buy a size down -1~1.5cm from their normal sneakers.
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