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Selected winter jeans cord snapshots! What are the key points of men’s outfits?


Selected winter jeans cord snapshots! What are the key points of men's outfits?

Jeans are useful not only for casual wear, but also for adding a touch of sophistication to dressier outfits. If you want to incorporate denim into your winter coordinate, which mainly consists of dark-colored items, voluminous winter outerwear, and thick layers of clothing, you need to make a difference by styling them differently from your spring/summer coordinate, which creates a sophisticated look with the addition of footwear. In this issue, we will introduce the latest international men’s jeans coordination with the theme of “winter jeans coordination,” including tips on how to wear them and the latest international men’s coordination as a reference!

Full-length jeans are the mainstay of winter jeans coordination, and ankle-length jeans should be worn with boots or long socks.

The technique of wearing shoes with bare feet or foot covers to give a casual look to the feet is a common technique for denim spring and summer coordination, but when incorporating denim into winter coordination, full-length jeans are the mainstay to keep feet from looking cold. For trendy baggy denim, full-length/floor-length jeans with cushioned hems create a silhouette with movement, and cropped jeans should be paired with boots or long socks that do not expose bare skin. For a more cozy footwear, a pair of classic white sneakers or sneakers with white midsoles would be a good choice.

Dressing Point 1: “Full-length baggy jeans are an option for updating your winter jeans coordinate with a modern look.

If you want to update your denim winter coordinate with a modern look, full-length/floor-length baggy denim is the choice. As seen in Balenciaga’s latest collection, which is leading the trend, the mainstay of denim is the baggy silhouette, cushioned with full-length hems without exception. Moreover, these full-length baggy denims are perfect for winter wear, balancing out oversized overcoats, voluminous winter outerwear, and heavy layers of clothing. For trendy styling, full-length baggy denim is the way to go.

Point 2: “Combine an overcoat and denim to give a beautiful and masculine impression to your winter coordinate.

Combining an overcoat, which goes well with dresses such as trench coats, Chester coats, and stainless steel collared coats, with denim will give your winter coordinate both a beautiful impression and a masculine look. By combining basic colors that are highly versatile, you can create a winter outfit that is neither too dressy nor too casual, as shown in the sample image here.

Dressing Point 3: “Brush up your winter coordinate by wearing slim tapered jeans adjusted to a short length with boots.

Pairing short, slim tapered denim with boots is an effective way to finish off a stylish denim-infused winter coordinate. The slim-tapered denim, which is flattering on all body types, can be rolled up to ankle-length (or cut off at the ankle) to emphasize the foot of the boots, which will raise the sharp and rugged mood of the outfit and brush up the denim winter look.

Take a look at international street snapshots of men wearing jeans! Find your ideal men’s coordination!

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To see more men's denim outfits, check out the "OTOKOMAE Snap Page!

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