Special feature on jeans for adults for comfort!


Special feature on jeans for adults for comfort!

Jeans continue to evolve with the times. Jeans with excellent stretch and a soft, knit-like texture have been attracting attention for their comfort and ease of wearing both outside and at home. In this issue, we focus on jeans that are comfortable and easy to wear with a grown-up look, and introduce some recommended items!

DIESEL Jog Jeans

The ” authentic denim texture that fools everyone, but feels just like sweatpants.”

“Looks like denim, but feels as comfortable as sweatpants ” is a conceptual proposal that has been gaining strong popularity since its debut in 2011. Diesel’s monstrous “Jog Jeans”. By weaving soft cotton yarns in the same structure as denim, the Jog Jeans have achieved a high dimension of denim-like appearance and sweatpant-like comfort. As a standard item, the wide variety of silhouettes is also a great point of interest.

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KURO Helvetica

” Monstrous stretchability while maintaining the look and feel of vintage denim!”

KURO, one of Japan’s leading denim brands, spent two years developing its original stretch fabric “MONSTER STRETCH DENIM” from the yarn. While conventional stretch denim is said to have a 130% elongation rate and a 60% elongation recovery rate, this Monster Stretch Denim boasts an elongation rate of 160% and a 90% elongation recovery rate, achieving an astonishing stretchability. This is the result of a new technology that weaves high-stretch yarns with reduced tension, rather than the conventional principle of “shrinking and stretching the original fabric by processing. The greatest feature of Monster Stretch Denim is that it maintains the vintage look and feel of 100% cotton denim fabric made in Japan, rather than being flat, as is often the case with stretch fabrics. While many denim brands are using stretch denim, it is an easy way to differentiate yourself from the others.

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KURO’s new original fabric “Monster Stretch Denim” is a monster stretch denim.

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