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Fashion Mail Order Ranking BEST5 for fashionable men


Fashion Mail Order Ranking BEST5 for fashionable men

The saying, “If you want to buy clothes, you should definitely visit a physical store,” is becoming a common sense of the past, and fashion mail-order shopping has become the norm these days. On the other hand, there may be many men who say, “I don’t know which online shopping site to use,” or “I don’t feel comfortable with the stores that come up when I search for ‘men’s fashion online shopping. This time, the author, who is one of the OTOKOMAE editorial staff members who buys clothes online, introduces the recommended fashion shopping sites that he uses on a regular basis in a ranking format.

No. 5Matches FASHION

Famous high brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Loewe, Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander, and Brunello Cucinelli, as well as other famous brands from our own perspective MATCHESFASHION”, a UK-based luxury fashion shopping site, was selected as the 5th place. MATCHESFASHION handles more than 650 brands, which is more than enough to compete with the top department stores, and offers a wide range of brands that have not yet arrived in Japan, as well as limited collections of high brands. Although famous Japanese department stores offer online shopping, they do not carry luxury brand products. Given this, the value of this site, which offers a cross-section of luxury brands, is high.

Since the site officially handles high brands, the prices are often set in Japan, but there are often 20% off coupons for high brands as well, and sales are held, so you can save a lot of money depending on the timing.

Incidentally, in addition to the outer box, you will receive an original box in which the products are packed, which is well-made and very stylish. It is a great gift, and can also be reused as a small container for small items.



No. 4Good local stores with stores in Rakuten Ichiba

It may come as a surprise to many, but Rakuten is quite used by men in the fashion industry when buying clothes. This is especially true for the fact that many good select stores based in regional areas have opened stores on Rakuten. WAIPER ” in Fukuoka, known as a pioneer of military stores, ” ginlet ” operated by “guji” in Kyoto, which is strong in Classico Italian brands, ” ARKnets ” operated by Restrict, which operates select stores mainly in northern Kanto ( ARKnets ” operated by Restrict, which operates select shops mainly in the northern Kanto region, and ” GOLDEN STATE,” which has an actual store in Miyazaki.

You can find a unique assortment of goods that only a local specialty store can offer, as well as special-order items from the store. If you have an account on Rakuten, you don’t have to register as a member and you can earn Rakuten points.

WAIPER Rakuten Top Page

Shop at WAIPER

3rd placeYOOX (YUKES)

We selected YOOX (YUKES), which became a fully Richemont group in 2018 after being founded in Bologna, Italy in 2000, as the third place.YOOX’s appeal is that it offers “significant discounts from the list price to The appeal of YOOX lies in its “YOOX Price,” which is a significant discount from the list price. On average, the prices seem to be discounted by about 50%. The basic product lineup is not the latest, but mainly out-of-date items, so it is an ironclad rule when using this site that you should not simply make a decision to “buy Prada because it is half price,” but rather make your purchasing decision calmly and with a clear eye for selection, especially for items with strong design characteristics. On the other hand, there are many opportunities to find bargains in suits and jackets where the trend is slow.

Despite the substantial discount, if an item does not fit or does not match your image, you can return or exchange it within 30 days of receipt (except for some excluded items)! (Excluding some items that are not eligible.)

Normally, a flat rate of 800 yen is charged for return shipping, but if you choose Moneyoox as your refund method, the return/exchange shipping fee is waived.


Shop at YOOX

2nd placeSSENSE

We chose SSENSE, which offers a wide range of luxury, up-and-coming, and street brands, in second place. This one is operated by a fashion EC company in Montreal, Canada, which stocks its own products, but is very large as a stand-alone store. The selection of products has its own unique color, and I personally feel that they have a very good sense of style. The age range of customers is 80% between 18 and 40, which suggests that the store is loved by fashion lovers from young people with a new sensibility to middle-aged people.

SSENSE’s “Lowest Price Guarantee” and “Price Adjustment” services offer the advantage of always being able to shop at a discount. If you contact Customer Care about a lower price at another online store or at SSENSE, they will refund you the difference. Please refer to ” Price Protection Policies and Promotions ” for terms and conditions.

Note that, regarding returns, there are no return shipping charges in the U.S. and Japan, in addition to Canada, the country of origin. (Final sale items are not eligible for returns.)

In addition, editorial content is available for reading, with interesting themes such as ” 2023 roundup: 8 people look back with love and humor on everything from best-dressed to guilty purchases,” ” Multi-faced shoes that lean toward eccentricity,” ” Outrageous misconceptions about puffer jackets. Misconceptions,” and other interesting topics.

SSENSE Top Screen

Shop at SSENSE.


The fashion shopping site ” FARFETCH ( It is no exaggeration to say that you can find everything you need to dress like the men in the international snapshots taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial department, so if you like that kind of style, be sure to check it out.

Incidentally, when I go to fashion events overseas, I always explore the local select stores, and while I see a Zegna suit on display, I can easily find a pair of Converse sneakers on display next to it. I love stores that completely ignore the hierarchy of brands and preconceived notions of what is fashionable and what is not, and I think Farfetch is a perfect example of this. I think this is exactly what Farfetch embodies. Incidentally, Farfetch does not carry any inventory at all. Instead, products are shipped directly from the partner stores to the buyer, and Farfetch pays the partner stores the amount of the product price minus a commission.

When buying high-brand products from overseas, there is always the worry that you might get a fake product, but you can shop with peace of mind knowing that only genuine products handled by partners with whom you have a B-to-B contract are available for sale.

Returns are free, including sale items.

Farfetch Top Page


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