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How do adults coordinate plaid pants in a fashionable way?


How do adults coordinate plaid pants in a fashionable way?

Check pants (commonly known as plaid pants in Europe and the United States) have the potential to add flair to styling and to wipe out a lack of coordination. On the other hand, depending on how they are worn, they can easily give the appearance of being dressed up like a golfer from the 1970s or a host of a children’s TV show. In this issue, we focus on “check pants,” and introduce the key points of how to wear them, men’s coordinates from overseas as a reference, and recommended models of brands that offer check pants!

Which checkered pants can be easily adopted by adults?Aim for chic designs in monotone or tone-on-tone

There are countless types of checkered patterns, including tartan checks that originated in Scotland, which symbolize uranium (clans), and Burberry checks, which are known as the symbolic design of the brand. Among these, the most popular plaid pants that can be easily adopted by adult men and look fashionable is the glen check, which combines staggered plaid and hairline stripes. The reason why they are chosen is that the number of colors is narrowed down. This allows for a coordinated look that has the glamour of a checkered pattern, but without forgetting the chic atmosphere.

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What you need to know when coordinatingAdvantages and disadvantages of checked pants in a coordinate

Checked pants have more presence than plain pants, so when you feel that your coordination is simple and lacks something They are useful when you want to add a sense of presence to your outfit or when you feel that your coordination is too simple and monotonous. On the other hand, it is also true that they can be difficult to handle, as they may stand out badly depending on how they are coordinated. It is important to master the stylish way of wearing checkered pants by referring to the stylish people’s outfits.

Check out how stylish people dress!

From here, we will introduce tips on how to wear checkered pants by showing actual street snaps of checkered pants.

Tips for wearing checkered pants (1)Subtle use of checkered pants with a subdued pattern in a limited number of colors

Checkered pants are an item that, for better or worse, adds an accent to your outfit, so it is important to wear them with a relaxed, smart, and mature atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to ” limit the number of colors ” and ” choose a plaid pattern with a moderate assertion ” in order to create an adult, relaxed atmosphere and a smart impression. When it comes to check patterns that satisfy these conditions, the monotone hound’s tooth (staggered plaid) and glen checks introduced above, as well as two-color buffalo checks and ombre checks, are strong choices.

Tips for wearing plaid pants (2)Keep everything but the pants plain and pick up the color of the plaid

Regardless of the type of plaid, such as glen check, tartan check, or windowpane check, keep items other than plaid pants plain It is always a good idea to keep it simple with plain items other than checked pants. Of course, it is possible to combine patterns, but it is difficult to achieve a smart look, and if done poorly, there is a risk of creating a cluttered and conspicuous impression. It is also a good idea to choose solid color items in colors that are picked up from the color scheme of plaid pants. It is easy to achieve a unified look with a contrast between the solid and patterned items.

Tips for wearing checkered pants (3)Controlling the impression given to others by differences in length and thickness

In addition to choosing which checkered pattern to wear, it is also important to understand the impression that the length and thickness of the pants will create when coordinated. It is also important to know how to coordinate the different lengths and thicknesses of the pants. If you want to create a dressy and smart atmosphere like an Italian dandy, go for short (ankle-length) slim tapered pants (with a hem width of around 18cm). For a contemporary street fashion mood, full-length wide pants (22cm or wider) like the ones shown in the snap below would be a strong choice.

Find the ideal men's coordinate from our editorial snapshotsA glance at international street snaps of checked pants!

OTOKOMAE editorial department recommends!”Check

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces “Checked Pants” that we recommend to our readers based on information obtained from exhibitions of hot brands, interviews at leading select stores, and fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended models of brands offering check pants (1)PT TORINO's EDGE Check Pants

Check pants from the “EDGE” series with the theme of “adult holiday wear. The essence of resort, military, street, mode, etc. are added to create an exquisite finish that is casual but still mature and trend-conscious.

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Recommended model of the brand that develops check pants②SCOTCH of BERWICH

The pants brand “BERWICH” that sticks to 100% Made in Italy and keeps gathering popularity. 2 pleats The attractive silhouette of the Scotch, which tapers beautifully from the relaxed waist to the hem, is the brand’s standard model with side adjuster specification with 2 pleats. In addition to basic plain colors, there are also a variety of models tailored in checkered fabrics.

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Recommended models of brands that offer check pants (3)BERNARD ZINS Tartan Check 2 Pleats Wide Slacks

The waist area is designed to be roomy with two pleats, and falls nicely from the knee to the hem. BAC J 6BL” is Bernard Zans’ popular slacks finished in a straight silhouette with two pleats around the waist and a beautiful drop from the knees to the hem. The in-pleats and tartan check give it a classic French Ivy look.

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Recommended models of brands that offer check pants (4)INCOTEX Glen Check Pants

These Incotex glen check pants are made of stretchy flannel. The slim tapered fit is perfect for a beautifully flattering fit.

Find INCOTEX Check Pants.

Recommended models of brands offering check pants (5)BURBERRY's Check Twill Trousers

Burberry’s iconic vintage check in wool twill fabric with a relaxed fit. Easy pants with a relaxed fit in Burberry’s iconic vintage check in wool twill fabric. The drawcords at the waist and hems make these pants perfect for a clean athleisure look.

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