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How to wear a military shirt? Cordage tips and recommendations


How to wear a military shirt? Cordage tips and recommendations

Military shirts (utility shirts) are a generic term for work shirts developed as military wear, such as fatigues and field shirts, and produce a tough, masculine look. The variations of designs, such as epaulettes, flap pockets on both chests, and patches, are wide-ranging and have a presence of the leading role, making them an item that adds a sense of military bearing at once by simply incorporating them into your styling. This time, we focus on such “military shirts” and introduce the key points of dressing, men’s coordination from overseas as a reference, and recommended items of standard brands!

The presence of the main character creates a masculine lookThe theme of military shirts for adults is martial yet clean

When adults coordinate military shirts, it is a good idea to make a difference by wearing them in a classy and clean way. Because the military shirt is a tough-looking item with a starring role, if it is worn in a conventional way or with a “stiff” military look, it is easy to look dowdy and, if worn poorly, can even look like cosplay. If you want to blend in with the city, it is best to keep a clean look in mind.

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We believe that a clean look is not simply a combination of items that look beautiful, but it is also important to wear military shirts in a clean and correct size. For example, when it comes to vintage military shirts, avoid those with holes, frayed edges, or stains that stand out badly. If you want to enjoy a vintage look, wear a shirt that has been repaired. It may be a small point, but even if you are just a little conscious, you will be less likely to give off the negative impression that you are ” dirty and slovenly.

Points for wearing military shirts (1)Standard-color military shirts can be worn with white items to control the military spirit

The trick with military shirts, which are based on earth colors, is to create an impression that is just right for the city. The trick is to create the right amount of relaxed look. By combining white items such as ivory, cream and off-white with military shirts, the “stiff” military look can be removed and the shirt can be easily finished with a beautiful impression.

How to wear a military shirt (2)Express a stylish mix of styles by wearing it as a jacket

As shown in this snapshot, military shirts are also perfect for expressing a mix of styles. The mix of shirt, denim shorts, and loafers gives a fresh impression, just as if you were wearing casual jackets.

Points for wearing military shirts (3)Wearing a new military shirt cleanly

This is an option to wear a new military shirt that has not been washed and is clean. Military shirts with the firmness and luster of new shirts go well with elegant slacks and leather shoes. The ability to enjoy the change in texture over time as the shirt is worn is one of its charms.

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