Philips’ new products are designed to help men achieve a “clean and personalized look”! Philips introduces two new products to meet men’s beard and body hair care needs


Philips' new products are designed to help men achieve a "clean and personalized look"! Philips introduces two new products to meet men's beard and body hair care needs

Philips has launched the ” All-in-One Trimmer Kit 5000 Series, ” which comes with 11 attachments in one unit to provide 10 different styles of care for the entire body. The new silver color of the Lumea 8000 optical beauty unit was also announced at the same time, and will be available from April 17 (Wed.) on Amazon*1, at electronics retailers nationwide, and at the official Philips store on Rakuten Ichiba / Yahoo!

New product from Philips to meet the diversifying beard and body hair care needs of men

Men’s grooming awareness has been on the rise in recent years, with the Japanese men’s grooming market growing more than 1.7-fold over the 12 years from 2011 to 2023*2. The Philips survey also shows that interest in men’s hair care is extremely high, with over 90%*3 of men in their teens to 30s citing ” grooming” and “cleanliness” as the top reasons for taking care of their body hair*4. However, the youth of today do not necessarily prefer the same style of body hair, as they tend to not only embrace trends but also seek their own personal style at the same time. They have a wider range of care options, such as trimming their beards and body hair, smoothing it, or removing it, and they are adopting body hair care that matches their personal style and appearance, while being conscious of their appearance and cleanliness in the eyes of their surroundings.

Against the above backdrop, Philips has launched the ” All-in-One Trimmer Kit 5000 Series,” which uses 11 attachments to style the entire body in 10 different ways, targeting men who aim to create a style that matches their personal style and appearance while maintaining a sense of cleanliness. In addition to this, in response to the recent increase in male demand for smooth skin, the Lumea Optical Beauty Machine 8000 will be redesigned in a new neutral silver color that is easily accepted by genderless consumers.

Body hair is for the trimmer!All-in-One Trimmer Kit 5000 Series

11 attachments allow you to arrange your body hair care for your whole body in a particular style.

The 11 attachments provide 10 different styles of care for body, beard, hair, and even nose and ear hair for the entire body. The attachment for the body is a 2-way shaving and trimming system, so you can choose your favorite style, such as just shaving the length of the hair or shaving all of it.

First Philips grooming item! Equipped with a beard density sensing system

For the first time, the popular technology in Philips electric shavers is also incorporated in grooming products. The system senses beard density 125 times per second and automatically adjusts the power according to the density of the beard, making it possible to shave through thick and long beards without reducing the blade speed.

Popular freestanding stand type that can be placed anywhere

A stylish and slim stand-alone type is adopted. It can be placed anywhere, even in the compact bathroom of a single person, and can be stored hygienically. This is also the first grooming item from Philips.

An automatic sharpening system keeps the blade sharp! The rounded blade tip is designed to be less stressful on the skin.

The “All-in-One Trimmer Kit 5000 Series” is equipped with an automatic blade sharpening system that keeps the stainless steel blades sharp at all times. In addition, the rounded shape of the blade tip allows for gentle trimming of the skin without fear of injury, even when the blade is held in close contact with the skin. The body groomer also comes with a skin protector, so it is designed to be easy on the skin.

Waterproof function allows use in the bathroom and whole body washing in water

The IPX7*5 waterproof design allows use in washrooms and bathrooms, and the entire unit can be washed by simply rinsing it with water. The entire unit can be washed by simply rinsing it with water, making it easy to keep clean.

USB rechargeable

USB Type A (DC5V/1A) charging is supported. It is great to be able to carry it smartly without the need to bring a dedicated charging adapter when traveling or on a business trip. In addition, the fast charging mode can charge one trimming in about 5 minutes.

Recommended for smooth-haired people who don't need body hair!Lumea Optical Beauty Machine 8000

The “Lumea Light Beauty Machine 8000” can take care of body hair through light irradiation. After the first irradiation, up to 92% of unwanted hair becomes invisible after only three uses*6, and smooth skin lasts up to 12 months*7. Continuous irradiation allows for speedy care of large areas such as legs. For example, care under both knees can be completed in only 8.5 minutes*8. In addition, the SmartSkin sensor is equipped to read skin color in advance and adjust the light intensity level. This design takes into account the fact that skin color varies from person to person. The Lumair Light Beauty Machine 8000 is now available in a silver color. Until now, IPL light beautifiers have mainly targeted women, but in response to the recent increase in demand from men who want smooth skin, the color has been renewed to a neutral color that is easily accepted by genderless consumers.

1 Amazon, and their logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
2 Grooming market value performance trends: According to Philips (December 2023), refers to five categories: hair cutters, nose trimmers, body groomers, beard trimmers, and multi-groomers.
*3 Survey on unwanted hair care conducted from August 31, 2023 to September 6, 2023, by 10 to 70+ year olds. 1,769 men and women responded.
*4 Conducted in February 2024 Men’s body hair care survey 5,000 men aged 10-60+ responded.
*5 IPX7 (No ingress of water in an amount that would cause harmful effects after immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes) The main body can be washed with water. However, do not immerse it in water or liquid. Also, do not charge the battery in a water bath or bathroom.
6 Irradiated every 2 weeks. Measured results at the knee. Results may vary from individual to individual. According to Philips.
*7 After 12 treatments. Results measured under the knee. Results may vary depending on the individual. According to Philips.
*8 When performed at light intensity level 1. Time required is calculated based on tests conducted by Philips. Actual treatment time may vary by individual.

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