Brunello Cucinelli launches its first eyewear collection as a stand-alone brand, featuring five different series!


Brunello Cucinelli launches its first eyewear collection as a stand-alone brand, featuring five different series!

Brunello Cucinelli and Essilor Luxottica have collaborated to launch a new eyewear collection.

First standalone brand eyewear collection releasedHow did the eyewear collection from Brunello Cucinelli come about?

Brunello Cucinelli and Essilor Luxottica signed a 10-year licensing agreement in November2022. Prior to this agreement, Brunello Cucinelli’s first eyewear capsule collection was released in 2021 in collaboration with Oliver Peoples, a brand of the Essilor Luxottica Group. In this context, the creative teams of both companies have been working together meaningfully for a period of time since the signing of the contract, and the first eyewear licensed collection under the stand-alone brand name ” Brunello Cucinelli” is now being presented.

Brunello Cucinelli and Luxottica founder Leonardo Del Vecchio have nurtured a successful partnership. This grand initiative was initiated by a gentlemanly and fruitful agreement between the two companies, born from the relationship that binds them together.

Check out the Brunello Cucinelli eyewear collection.

Incidentally, this year’s eyewear collection includes six models that use the titanium processing technology of glasses from Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, a famous eyewear production area. These models are labeled “Made in Japan” on the product page. At the launch event held in Rome on March 21, Crystal Kay from Japan wore the “BC2004ST” sunglasses made in Japan. 2004ST” sunglasses made in Japan. The titanium temples are plated with 18-karat gold and the brand name is engraved on a horn material plate.

The eyewear to be presented consists of five series, including men’s and women’s, MULTIMATERICO, TRAMA, STEMMA, PATTERN, and GEMMAE. The five series reflect five stories inspired by Brunello Cucinelli’s home in Solomeo, Italy (Perugia, Umbria) and his ready-to-wear and accessories collections. Prices range from ¥83,930 (including tax) to ¥445,940 (including tax )*.
*The highest-priced item uses horns.

Brunello Cucinelli Eyewear Collection ①MULTIMATERICO

The construction is characterized by a clever combination of high-quality materials and sophisticated elements. series. With this collection, Brunello Cucinelli perfectly combines the brand’s style and impeccable craftsmanship, combining metal and acetate, innovation and tradition. Incidentally, the acetate used in this collection is all made from recycled acetate, a sustainable material. On the temples, casually elegant brand details are turned on. The ” BC2004ST ” in the first gallery and the ” BC3006 ” in the seventh gallery are models made in Japan.

Brunello Cucinelli Eyewear Collection 2This is a ladies collection. TRAMA

Inspired by Brunello Cucinelli’s high jewelry collection, the “TRAMA” collection is the Brunello Cucinelli Ladies’ It expresses the elegance of the Brunello Cucinelli women’s collection. The eyewear, created with attention to detail and painstaking work, is characterized by feminine silhouettes and rounded parts. The key to this collection lies in the beautiful processing applied to the temples. The beautiful texture was inspired by Brunello Cucinelli’s high jewelry. The masterful and intricate motifs on the sides of the temples, created by expert craftsmanship, complete the design. Both pieces in the ” TRAMA ” collection are made in Japan.

Brunello Cucinelli Eyewear Collection 3'STEMMA' reflects the best eyewear manufacturing experience

Iconic and supremely sophisticated, the ” STEMMA ” collection reflects all of Essilor Luxottica’s top manufacturing experience in the eyewear field. The core embedded in the temples, riveted hinges, and functional metal parts are customized and inspired by the coat of arms of the medieval village where Brunello Cucinelli has its roots. Crystal lenses and acetate, inspired by the fine fabrics of Brunello Cucinelli’s clothing, create an elegant and timeless style.

Brunello Cucinelli eyewear collection (4)PATTERN

The frames in the ” PATTERN ” collection highlight Brunello Cucinelli’s masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Both the titanium and acetate models feature a motif inspired by the coat of arms of the village of Solomeo (Brunello Cucinelli’s wife’s hometown in Italy). The metal details with the “BC initials” add a touch of glamour to the temple tips of this eyewear collection.


The “GEMMAE” collection eyewear is designed for women who prefer understated elegance. The carved acetate frames are made in Italy, and the superb construction highlights the sophisticated details. The two faceted metals that add sparkle to the temples of this limited edition model pay homage to the iconic moniré (ball chain motif) of the Brunello Cucinelli collection.

Check out the Brunello Cucinelli eyewear collection

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