Gentleman’s jewelry is here to make summer outfits, which tend to be simple, look chic!


Gentleman's jewelry is here to make summer outfits, which tend to be simple, look chic!

The Gentleman’s popular Signet Ring, the new Low Energy Collection, and a new luxurious summer item, the Tennis Bracelet. To celebrate the launch of the new collection, a pop-up event will be held for a limited time, featuring a full lineup of the latest items as well as standard items.

Gentleman’s new jewelry to add a stylish touch to summer outfits

Gentleman” is a luxury jewelry brand that pursues “new classic fine jewelry. This season, the brand presents a new summer collection that will add a touch of elegance to rough summer outfits. The lineup includes the brand’s symbolic signet rings and tennis bracelets that add a subtle accent to the wrist. The lineup includes jewelry for mature men that can be incorporated into summer outfits that tend to be simple.

Here, we would like to introduce some of the best jewelry items from the new collection!

The combination of pale green and gold looks great in summer coordinates. Signet ring “K10YG Jade

A ring set with jade, the guardian stone of the year of the rabbit, is now available in the Signet Ring collection, one of Gentleman’s most popular jewelry items. Jade is a power stone that has long been loved as a gemstone that brings success and prosperity. The pale green color and lustrous texture of this ring will add a touch of elegance to your hand. The side of the ring is engraved with an anchor signifying hope and stability.

Oval (2nd image) Click here for more details
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Signet ring ” K10YG Lapis Lazuli ” that creates a dramatic mood like a starry night sky.

This ring is set with lapis lazuli, a power stone that governs good luck and sparkles mysteriously. It is characterized by its mysterious blue color, reminiscent of the brightness of the night sky, and its lustrous texture. The side of this ring is also engraved with an anchor, which signifies hope and stability.

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Pt900 Diamond Tennis Bracelet ” The sparkle of diamonds and platinum adds luxury to your wrist.

This tennis bracelet features a design that pursues minimalism and elegance, with the sparkle of diamonds creating a sense of presence. The end part is decorated with a bow tie motif, the sign of a gentleman. The deep luster of the platinum matches the sparkle of the diamonds and adds a touch of glamour to the wrist.

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The diamonds are used in their original state! K18WG Diamond Bracelet” with a “Genteel” feel.

From the Low Energy Collection, which makes the most of the charm of materials, comes a new luxury line that uses an abundance of rough diamonds. The two types of diamonds sparkle in this item, which exudes an adult appeal.

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[ Gentleman Summer Collection 2023 Unveiling Event ] Details

Gentleman AZABU PR ROOM】
Period: 4/5 (Wed) – 4/18 (Tue)
Location: Mita Sonnet Building 5F, 1-1-15 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
*Reservations required from here

Period: 4/16 (Sun) – 4/23 (Sun)
Location: 1-2-5 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka il Cassette Building 1F

【Wako Main Store】
Period: 4/27 (Thu) – 5/10 (Wed)
Location: Seiko House 4F, 4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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