Fresh jacket coordination with green jacket. Introducing examples of men’s outfits and recommended items!


Fresh jacket coordination with green jacket. Introducing examples of men's outfits and recommended items!

Green jackets create a fresh impression by differentiating themselves from standard colors. While olive, khaki, and camouflage patterns are relatively familiar colors for casual outerwear, it is a color that is difficult to find in tailored jackets, so it is an effective way to create a unique look with a change in styling. In this issue, we focus on the “green jacket” and introduce tips and men’s coordinates that can be used as a reference for successful coordination!

What color pants go with green jackets?

The word “green” can mean a variety of colors, from vivid green to dark green, moss green, and olive green with khaki tones. Generally speaking, dark or earth-colored bottoms blend easily with darker, dark-green jackets, and basic-colored pants such as black, white, or beige are usually paired with bright yellow-green jackets.

What are the tips for successfully coordinating green jackets?

The key to successfully coordinating a green jacket is to style the jacket in a way that does not make it stand out. The most important thing is to choose a jacket that has a fresh, fresh, natural look and does not look odd, rather than a vivid color that is assertive or gaudy. Of course, while being conscious of understated styling, the jacket should be worn in a way that asserts the individuality of the wearer. Green jackets themselves are not a popular color and are difficult to get your hands on, so don’t forget that the key to looking fashionable is to wear it neatly and smartly, and to give it a sophisticated look.

Here are some men’s outfits that use green jackets!

Combine a subdued green jacket with gray slacks for a fresh tied-up look.

A green jacket with a deep texture and color is paired with a tied-up blue striped shirt, gray slacks, and brown tasseled loafers. By incorporating a fresh tailored jacket that is different from navy and gray jackets, we have created a smart jackets style that stands out for its neatness. The navy regimental tie adds just the right amount of accent, while the understated green jacket gives the look an air of maturity.


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A khaki green jacket and camouflage patterned gilet, accentuating your masculinity with the white coordinate axis.

A khaki green double jacket with gold button accents is combined with a shawl collar camouflage print double gilet, a basic crew neck white T-shirt, slim tapered white ankle pants, and dark brown studded quilted loafers. While ensuring a clean look with a white coordinate axis, the green jacket and camouflage print gilet are highlighted to create a masculine jacket. While the tailored jacket and double gilet are dress items, the selection of items that give a military nuance to the look is a good choice!

AMI Paris Green Jacket

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A green jacket and navy slacks jacket with a white T-shirt that is loose and neutralizes well.

A double-breasted green jacket and navy slacks are worn with a white T-shirt as an inner layer, which is loose and neutralizing. Low-cut white sneakers with the same color as the innerwear are worn on the feet to complete the sophisticated look. The fresh color of the green jacket, which is different from olive green and khaki, is a nice touch.

PULITO Green Jacket

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