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Why does Nishikawa Down keep selling out every season? Focusing on the background of its reputation and the most cost-effective standard model!


Why does Nishikawa Down keep selling out every season? Focusing on the background of its reputation and the most cost-effective standard model!

nishikawa DOWN®︎” is an outerwear brand developed by nano universe in collaboration with Nishikawa, a leading bedding manufacturer in Japan. Despite its reasonable price tag, the brand boasts an overwhelmingly good cost performance that will convince even the most discerning adult with its high quality specifications based on Nishikawa’s technology and sophisticated design unique to NANO UNIVERSE. In this issue, we focus on “nishikawa DOWN®︎” and introduce its features and standard models!

Nishikawa DOWN was created through a collaboration between bedding manufacturer Nishikawa and nano・universe! nishikawa DOWN®︎” is getting more and more popular every year!

nishikawa DOWN®︎” is a down jacket brand created through a collaboration between Nishikawa, a long-established Japanese bedding manufacturer founded in 1566, and leading select store Nano Universe. In order to create an ideal down jacket that provides comfort, Nano Universe teamed up with down specialist Nishikawa to create a revolutionary down jacket that combines authentic functionality with excellent cold protection and a sophisticated urban design. nishikawa DOWN®︎, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022, is now in its eighth season and is known for its design and functionality. has been constantly updating its products to keep up with the times and pursuing thorough craftsmanship, including a renewal in its eighth season that reviewed the design and functionality of its products. The company offers a wide range of variations each season, and the high quality down available at reasonable prices has received a great response.

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Sold-out models are not uncommon for nishikawa DOWN®︎! What are the 5 characteristics that attract people?

It is not unusual for nishikawa DOWN®︎ to sell out every season. There are five major reasons why people choose nishikawa DOWN®︎ from among many down wears. Nishikawa and nano-universal’s commitment to the characteristics of this product is explained!

nishikawa DOWN®︎’s feature 1: “Adoption of high-quality French ducks, which take twice as long to raise as usual.

nishikawa DOWN®︎ uses luxurious French duck feathers from the Moulard breed, which takes twice as long to raise as other breeds. The longer it takes to raise these ducks, the larger they are and the bulkier the downballs are, making it possible to harvest high quality feathers. The use of these feathers, which tend to contain a lot of air, makes it possible to create down wears with high heat retention and excellent cold protection.

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nishikawa DOWN®︎’s feature (2) “By applying unique processing to the down, warmth retention, light weight, and durability are improved!

nishikawa DOWN®︎ applies “bio-up processing (humidifying, drying, cooling, and dusting)” to high-quality down that has passed strict standards to draw out the feather’s original power and make it warmer, lighter, and cleaner. The “fresh-up process” is used to select only the best quality feathers, so only genuine, high quality down is used in nishikawa DOWN®︎ items. Compared to the pre-processed down, the nishikawa DOWN items contain more air, and even with the same amount of down, the difference is obvious as shown in the image (the right side is after processing). Not only does it increase warmth, but it also improves lightness and durability.

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nishikawa DOWN®︎’s feature (3) “Antimicrobial treatment for safe, clean and comfortable use

If not treated properly, down can cause allergies. nishikawa DOWN®︎’s down is treated with an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria, with the hope that “only high-quality down that has gone through many processes can stay with you for a long time. It is the commitment of nishikawa DOWN®︎ to provide down wear that is safe, clean, and comfortable to wear, and that can be used hygienically for a long time.

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nishikawa DOWN®︎’s feature 4: “High design quality supervised by Nano Universe and a wide range of variations.

Outdoor-derived down wears may give an impression of being too dowdy if you stick to the functional aspect. In this respect, nishikawa DOWN®︎ combines the sophisticated design typical of nano-universe to create down wear with an urban impression. The lineup includes an abundance of models to suit every style, from basic pieces that are easy to match with everyday outfits to mode designs and elegant yet sporty pieces. The versatile, subdued color palette is also appealing, and it’s easy to wear it every day and never get tired of it.

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nishikawa DOWN®︎’s feature 5: “The best price setting of the cospa strongest that betrays expectations in a good sense while being a high quality down.

It is not unusual for down wear that combines a high level of thermal protection, superior quality, and fashionability to be priced at 100,000 yen or more. In such a situation, most models of nishikawa DOWN®︎ are in the 30,000-60,000 range, and the reasonable price setting is extremely attractive. The high cost performance of high-quality materials and designs, which provide satisfaction beyond the price, is another reason why this brand attracts many fans. If you want a highly functional and fashionable down, but have given up because it is too expensive and hard to afford, you should check out this brand!

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Introducing the standard models of nishikawa DOWN®︎ that you should keep in mind!

nishikawa DOWN®︎ has been continuously adding variations to its lineup and updating it every year. Here we introduce the brand’s standard models!

nishikawa DOWN®︎’s standard model 1: “Nylon G2 Down

nishikawa DOWN®︎’s masterpiece “G2”. The latest model has been updated to a modern and sharp silhouette while still having the volume characteristic of down. The material is an ultra-lightweight nylon taffeta with good coloration, which is both strong and supple for a comfortable fit. With a sophisticated basic design and high-spec functionality as mentioned above, you will have much less to worry about in your winter coordination if you have this down jacket.

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nishikawa DOWN®︎ standard model ② “Nylon ripstop G2 down

(1) Based on the brand’s flagship model “G2″ introduced in 1), this new model uses a nylon ripstop material with the soft texture and natural luster of a natural material. The ripstop material has high strength and abrasion resistance, making this down jacket a good choice for those who are looking for a heavy-duty down jacket. It is also lightweight and comfortable due to the use of multi-type specially processed yarns. It features deep colors and a matte texture compared to ” Nylon G2 Down.

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nishikawa DOWN®︎ standard model ③ “Sporty Hooded Down

This down jacket is fluffier and thicker than the two models introduced so far, and has a sporty appearance with its integrated hood and front zip. The front zip and diagonally attached waist pocket have watertight zippers, and the pockets are filled with warm, brushed material. It is equipped with functional details that can be used in light rain or full-blown cold weather. With moderate stretchability, it is an active specification that can be worn without stress, even when riding a bicycle. The matte texture and firmness give this model a luxurious and sporty feel.

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nishikawa DOWN®︎ standard model 4: “MATSUMI DOWN

The “MATSUMI Down”, which has been tailored to look smart by eliminating the down stitching, is another nishikawa DOWN®︎ standard item. With a detachable hood, it can also be worn as a stand-neck blouson, making it a highly versatile down jacket with two different looks. The material is made from Teijin’s “Multi Solotex” polyester fabric with a high filament count and four-way stretch for a supple texture and ease of movement. A polyurethane laminate on the reverse side ensures wind resistance, and the specifications are high enough to be used outdoors without problems. Equipped with five pockets, including a functional pocket with a watertight zipper that gives it a tech feel, it also has excellent storage capacity. This item is recommended for minimalists who want to go out light.

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nishikawa DOWN®︎ standard model ⑤ “Stylish Rib Down

The “Stylish Ribbed Down” is the lightest weight down model of the season, yet boasts sufficient warmth for street wear. It is a smart ribbed blouson-type down jacket with an unobtrusive design that matches a wide range of outfits, and the stitching does not show. It can be used not only as outerwear, but also as inner down when docked with the Hybrid Outerwear Series, which also includes trench coats and stainless steel collar coats. The minimalist look and clean silhouette, with no waste, allows even those who do not like the look or bulkiness characteristic of down wear to wear this jacket without hesitation.

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