UNIQLO Staff’s Ranking of the Most Popular Items for Fall/Winter 2022! What is the No. 1 men’s item?


UNIQLO Staff's Ranking of the Most Popular Items for Fall/Winter 2022! What is the No. 1 men's item?

UNIQLO conducted an emergency survey of approximately 1,500 staff working in stores nationwide. The top five most popular fall/winter 2022 products, as selected by fashionable UNIQLO staff, were announced.

UNIQLO staff proudly presents the Top 5 most popular men’s fall/winter items overall!

UNIQLO store staff see many items every day and hear directly from customers. In this issue, we introduce the ranking of popular items supported by some 1,500 staff members!

No.1 Souffle Yarn Half-Zip Sweater (Long Sleeve)

The top-ranked item is a new-generation knit with a soft, warm, and prickle-resistant feel. This unisex item can be worn in a variety of ways by opening and closing the half-zip fastener, and is popular with both men and women. This season, olive and yellow are also available as new colors.
Price: 3,990 yen (tax included)

[ Staff Comments

The half-zip of the thick souffle yarn material gives it a rough but stylish look all by itself.
“The material is good and feels good against the skin, so it doesn’t tingle when worn and is warm.

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No.2 Tucked Tapered Pants (Wide Fit)

The staff’s second choice is the tucked tapered pants with a wide fit and beautiful silhouette. They are a convenient item that can be worn with both clean and casual styles.
Price: ¥3,990 (tax included)

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The size is on trend and the coloring, including brown, is very good.”
“The material feels like wool and is warm, making these pants a mainstay for the fall and winter season.

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No.3 Souffle Yarn Cardigan

In third place was a cardigan made of the same soft, prickle-resistant souffle yarn material as the first-place winner. It has a blouson-like design with a loose, rounded silhouette. This piece is voluminous, warm, and lightweight for a comfortable fit.
Price: 3,990 yen (including tax)

[ Staff’s Comment

The “collar is dang cute! It is also good to be able to wear it genderless.”
“The thicker fabric makes it look expensive.”
“It is cute even if women wear it.”

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No.4 Washable Stretch Milano Rib Crew Neck Sweater

A clean sweatshirt-style sweater that can be worn on and off the job came in fourth. It has just the right amount of firmness and stretch, and is easy to care for thanks to its machine-washable design that prevents it from losing its shape.
Price: ¥2,990 (tax included)

[ Staff’s Comment

“It’s so easy to use that I’ve been buying more every year since it first went on sale! It doesn’t easily become furballs after washing, and it doesn’t look worn out even if you wear it out. The neckline is also easy to balance, and I heartily recommend it!”

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No.5 & Outerwear category No.1 Windproof outer fleece jacket (long sleeve)

The fifth-ranked fleece with a windproof function to keep out the cold is an item that can be used as outerwear from daily life to leisure scenes. The voluminous, lightweight and soft material is an excellent item that keeps warmth inside the garment. It also features a genderless design and ranked first in the outerwear category.
Price: 4,990 yen (including tax)

[ Staff’s Comment

“It’s both warm and stylish looking.”
“I bought it, it’s incredibly warm. I ride a bicycle every day, but I don’t get cold if I wear this.”
“With a windproof function, it can be used as outerwear.”
“Genderless and age-neutral design.”
“Best cosmetic, easy to care for, warm, and strongest outerwear.”

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