How to make your hair silky? Also introduces essential products for men’s hair care


How to make your hair silky? Also introduces essential products for men's hair care

Smooth and silky hair is one of the elements that give the impression of cleanliness. In this article, we will introduce a method and recommended items to make your hair silky and smooth!

Licensed beautician, hair diagnostician, medical hair stylistSeiji Sato

He has 30 years of experience as a hair stylist. While working at a salon, he also makes proposals to customers as a hair diagnostician for people with scalp and hair problems, and has an established reputation for his approach from two perspectives, hair and fashion, aiming for zero stress for people suffering from AGA. Currently working at the medical hair salon "LonaLona Clinic”.

How to make men’s hair silky and smooth. How to make your hair silky and beautiful so that everyone will be impressed with your hair?

In order to nurture silky hair, it is important to take care of it on a daily basis. Here we will introduce some of the best beauty tips that you should make a habit of in order to have silky hair.

How to make your hair silky and smooth (1) “Brushing improves luster and scalp environment

The brush not only combs tangles out of hair, but it also has the role of making hair shiny by distributing sebum from the scalp throughout the hair. Since hair without shine gives the impression of dryness, brushing is recommended to create a natural shine. Brushing also stimulates the scalp and promotes blood circulation. A healthy scalp environment will naturally nurture healthy hair, so it is important to brush your hair twice a day, morning and night.

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How to make your hair silky and smooth (2) “Washing your hair too thoroughly is counterproductive! If you want to care for your hair and scalp, use a gentle shampoo.”

Many people are concerned about sticky scalp and odor, so they shampoo their hair more often or wash it for longer periods of time. While there is nothing wrong with shampooing your hair carefully to make it look clean, be careful not to wash it too often, as it can cause the cuticles of your hair to peel off, resulting in split ends and breakage, and it can also dry out your scalp by washing away more oil than necessary.

How to make your hair silky and smooth (3) “If you want beautiful hair, you must use treatment!

An essential item for silky hair is a treatment. It is expected to deliver nutrients to the inner part of the hair, adjust the balance of moisture and oil, and repair damage. Men’s hair tends to be dry, so it is advisable to use a treatment to properly moisturize it. Incidentally, when applying the treatment, it is effective to rub it in mainly at the ends of the hair or comb it out with a coarse comb. It is said to be bad to apply it to the scalp, so be careful.

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How to make your hair silky and smooth (4) “Be careful with natural drying! Always use a hair dryer.

Many men may dry their hair naturally. However, wet hair is easily damaged by friction and other factors because the cuticles are open, and this can lead to the growth of bacteria. Therefore, it is better to dry hair immediately with a hair dryer. If you are concerned about heat damage from the hair dryer, apply a light coating of hair oil before blow drying. If you are concerned about heat damage, apply a light coating of hair oil before blow drying. To further calm the hair, apply cool air to the ends.

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How to make your hair silky and smooth (5) “It is important to use a hair iron to straighten your hair.

If your hair is very curly, it is important to use a hair iron to straighten it. When using it, the trick is to basically set the temperature to about 140~160 degrees Celsius so that it does not become dry, and to pass it through quickly so that you do not apply too much heat. The key is to apply the heat evenly to the hair in small amounts. Incidentally, using a hair iron to apply heat also increases shine, so even those with straight hair should use a hair iron when they want shine.

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