38 Best Men’s Perfume Brands! From specialty to reasonably priced makers, all in one place!


38 Best Men's Perfume Brands! From specialty to reasonably priced makers, all in one place!

The sense of smell is the most primitive and instinctive of the five human senses. Among the five senses, only the sense of smell is said to reach the limbic system (ancient brain), which controls emotions, feelings, memory, and autonomic nervous system activity, directly, without being filtered by thought or reason. Perfume is one of the most popular items related to the sense of smell. Wearing perfume can be used to make a good impression on others at a subconscious level, such as “I don’t know why, but I find this person attractive,” or it can be used to control one’s condition, such as “When I am nervous at a crucial presentation, I dare to wear the same perfume as usual to keep my composure. It is possible. It may not be an exaggeration to say that “finding a good perfume” is “discovering a powerful weapon to become a good man who can do his job. In this issue, we pick up perfume brands that we particularly recommend for men by genre!

First, let’s review the basics of perfume!

Before looking for the perfume brand of your choice, first check the basics of perfume. This can be an important factor in making your choice, so please check it out.

Basic knowledge of perfume (1) “There are four main types of perfume!

Perfumes are classified according to “fragrance percentage,” which indicates the concentration of fragrance, and each type differs in terms of fragrance intensity and duration. In order of concentration, perfume is classified as “parfum,” “eau de parfum,” “eau de toilette,” and “eau de cologne,” which are collectively called “perfume. However, the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law does not have any regulations on classification and is not strictly controlled, so the names used by manufacturers and brands are left to each manufacturer and brand. The duration of each type of perfume is only a guide, but if you decide on the type, your perfume selection should go smoothly, so please refer to the table below.

Type of perfume Fragrance density Duration
Parfum 15~25% fragrance 5~12 hours
Eau de Parfum 10~15% (for a few days) Around 5 hours
Eau de Toilette 5~10% Eau de Parfum around 3 hours
Eau de Cologne 3~5 Around 2 hours

Basic knowledge of perfume (2) “Fragrance changes in three stages!

Perfumes are composed of a number of fragrances, and each fragrance volatilizes at a different speed, so the fragrance changes over time. The fragrance at the beginning of application is called the top note, themiddle note appears a little later , and the last note fades away. Of these, the middle note is the one that can be enjoyed for the longest time, and it is the one that strongly expresses the characteristics of the perfume. Therefore, when choosing a perfume in a store, we tend to focus on the freshly applied top note, but we should also check the middle note after a little while. If you don’t like the way the fragrance changes, or if you want to layer only your favorite fragrance, we recommend that you choose this option.

Basic Knowledge of Perfume (3) “Be careful how to store perfumes to prevent them from deteriorating!

Since ingredients such as fragrance and alcohol in perfumes can deteriorate quickly due to temperature and humidity, care should be taken where they are stored. Specifically, it is recommended to store in a cool, well-ventilated shady place. Also, in the case of perfumes that have been opened, it is important to keep the lid tightly closed, as exposure to air can also cause deterioration. Incidentally, the expiration date is said to be about one year for opened bottles and about three years for unopened bottles, so please choose the amount that can be used up within the expiration date.

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