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Three points should be kept in mind when choosing gloves! Also recommended brands for men!


Three points should be kept in mind when choosing gloves! Also recommended brands for men!

Gloves that protect your hands from the cold should be carefully selected not only as a mere winter protection device but also as a fashion item that is fashionable. In this issue, we introduce how to choose gloves, recommended brands and items by material!

What is the key to choosing gloves?

Key Points in Selecting Gloves (1) “First, figure out the size that fits your hand.

When purchasing leather gloves, you may be wondering about the size. If you are buying in a store, you can be sure to try on the gloves, but if you are shopping online, choose your size carefully. Some brands offer free size gloves, but specialty brands that specialize in gloves often sell them in different sizes, so it is recommended to measure your hand. There are two ways to measure hand length. The first is to measure from the horizontal crease at the base of the wrist to the toe of the middle finger. The second is to measure the circumference of the hand by measuring the circumference of the palm (hand circumference) with a tape measure. It is preferable to take measurements with each and select the larger size and the one that fits. The best size is said to be the one that has 5mm to 10mm of room at the fingertips when worn, which is said to be suitable.

Approximate hand dimensions

Hand length

SS size 15cm-16cm
Size S 16 to 17 cm
Size M 17cm to 18cm
Size L 18cm to 19cm
Size LL 19cm – 20cm

Hand Circumference

SS size 18cm – 19cm
Size S 19cm – 20cm
Size M 20cm to 21cm
Size L 21cm to 22cm
Size LL 22cm to 23cm

Point 2 of choosing gloves: “Whether or not they are smartphone-compatible is a very important factor in this day and age!

In this age when smartphones have become widespread and LCD touch operation has become commonplace, it is quite a hassle to remove gloves every time to operate a smartphone. In response to this trend, various brands are offering gloves that are compatible with smartphones. When buying gloves today, it is of course important to choose a design you like, but it is no exaggeration to say that it is essential to check whether the gloves are smartphone-compatible or not. Incidentally, the reason why a smartphone screen reacts even when wearing gloves made of leather or wool is that metal is added when tanning leather, or when spinning wool, a thread called conductive yarn, which conducts static electricity, is blended in. This is how static electricity from your fingertips is connected to your smartphone.

Search for gloves compatible with smartphones

Point 3: “Choose the right material for the situation in which you will wear the gloves!

Gloves come in a wide variety of designs and materials. Just as with clothing, you want to choose the ones that suit you best after considering the scene of wear and your personal taste. For example, if you are going to wear them in a suit style for business or formal occasions, choose leather gloves with dignity. For casual wear, choose a rough design made of wool. No matter what material you choose, it is absolutely recommended to select a smartphone-compatible one mentioned in the previous section.

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