Fruit flavor lovers should check out the new Pear flavor from Ploom’s Mevius Option series!


Fruit flavor lovers should check out the new Pear flavor from Ploom's Mevius Option series!

A new pear flavor has been added to JT’s ” Ploom ” Mevius Option series. The sweetness of the fruit and the freshness of the “Baize Option” will be available at convenience stores and cigarette stores nationwide starting March 18.

Mevius Baize Option” with a fresh pear flavor

The Mevius Option series, which can be enjoyed with JT’s Ploom X ADVANCED heated cigarette device, features a fresh and refreshing sensation achieved by fruit flavor capsules and 100% natural menthol*1. The new “Mevius Baize Option ” *2 is a pear-flavored stick that delivers both the sweetness and freshness of the rich fruit. The fresh flavor of the capsule and the refreshing 100% natural menthol make for a product that is sure to provide a satisfying experience from the first sip to the last. The Mevius Baize option can be used with the existing Ploom X, but the Ploom X ADVANCED provides an even more outstanding satisfaction.

*1″100% natural menthol” means that all menthol in this product is derived from natural sources.
*2 “baize” refers to a bright green woolen fabric that resembles felt, and the name was chosen because its color and texture evoke the texture and taste of a soft yet lush pear.

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関連記事 JT's new heated cigarette model "Ploom X ADVANCED" will be released on Nov. 21! What are the evolution points?
JTの加熱式たばこ新モデル「Ploom X ADVANCED」が11/21に発売決定!進化ポイントは?
JT announced that the new heated cigarette model "Ploom X ADVANCED" will go on sale nationwide on Tuesday, November 21. ...

Mevius Bayesian options have been added, bringing the lineup to a total of 18 brands!

The Ploom X ADVANCED allows you to choose from a lineup of 18 cigarette sticks according to your taste and aroma preferences. Please refer to the image below to choose your favorite flavor.

*The strength, aroma, menthol, fruitiness, and freshness shown in the images do not represent tar or nicotine values, but rather are indicators based on sensory evaluations by our blender.
*All sticks can be used with ” Ploom X ADVANCED ” and ” Ploom X “.

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[ Mevius Baize Option ] Details

Contents: 20 cigarette sticks
Taste: menthol type
Price: 500 yen (including tax)

Sales Stors
CLUB JT Online Shop
Ploom Shop nationwide (Sapporo, Sendai, Ginza, Tokyo Station, Shibuya, Yokohama Porta, Nagoya, Namba, Hiroshima, Tenjin)
PloomSTAND (some Don Quijote-affiliated stores)
・Convenience stores nationwide
・Cigarette Sales Stores nationwide, etc.

CLUB JT online store will go on sale at 10:00 a.m. on March 18.

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