Jeans Brand Special


Jeans Brand Special

There are many choices, from Italy’s Jacob Cohen, which goes well with jacket styles, to New York’s Rag & Bone, which goes well with urban styles, to Mine Denim, directed by popular stylist Tsuyoshi Noguchi. In this issue, we will introduce you to recommended brands that demonstrate their strength in denim items, from the well-known brands to emerging powerhouses!

First of all, pick up the Italian jeans brand that brought fashion to jeans!

Italy is home to a diverse array of brands, from mega brands such as Diesel to luxury brands such as Jacob Cohen and specialized pants brands such as PT. First of all, we pick up the denim brands of interest from Italy, which will be the mainstay for highly sensitive men!

Jeans brand ” DIESEL

The ” Leading Italian Jeans ”

This Italian jeans brand was established in 1978 by Renzo Rosso. The brand name is based on the idea that “we want to energize the world like diesel fuel” and “jeans, which are made by the same manufacturing method and called by the same name all over the world, and Diesel have a certain commonality. Diesel is also active in collaborations with outside companies, including collaborations with Lagerfeld, known as the charismatic designer of Chanel, and with Adidas. The company’s challenging corporate culture and excellent management are often featured in business schools.

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Jeans brand ” JACOB COHEN

The brand “Jacob Cohen was started by Tato Baldelli in Padua, Italy, in 1985.

In 2003, Nicola Baldelli, the second generation of Jacob Cohen, relaunched Jacob Cohen as a denim brand. The brand employs an ironing technique called ” kuzutori ” used for slacks and releases luxurious and dress-like jeans that are sold at high-end select stores. The brand concept is to use Japanese denim fabrics and make tailored jeans ” made in Italy. Their denim items, described as “jeans for people who wear high-class suits,” continue to attract many executives and celebrities. ▶︎Click here for the detailed article on JACOB COHEN

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Jeans brand “PT05(PT05 Chinque )

The denim collection of the brand that created interest in the pants industry.

The pants brand PT01 (Petit Zero Uno) is attracting a great deal of attention not only in its home country of Italy but also around the world. Based on five-pocket pants, the slim tapered silhouette is sublimated into elegant and modern pants. The PT01 pants, which are often used in jackets, are gaining popularity as an item that has been reconstructed as jeans.

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Jeans brand ” ENTRE AM IS(Entre Amis)

A Neapolitan pants manufacturer that uses a wide variety of fabrics.

A Neapolitan pants manufacturer specializing in pants founded in 2007. The parent company is a company that handles fabrics, so they have presented a collection of pants made from various fabrics at Pitti Uomo. It is a remarkable brand that has gained a high reputation in Italy. They are particular about not only the comfort of their pants but also the length of the pants. The jeans model fits exquisitely with tailored jackets.

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Jeans brand ” SIVIGLIA

SIVIGLIA” is an up-and-coming brand that started in 2005 in Ancona, Italy.

The brand’s high technology, proven by the fact that it has been contracted to manufacture major brands for more than 20 years, is highly evaluated by many people in the fashion industry. The brand’s high technology, proven by the fact that it has been contracted to manufacture major brands for more than 20 years, is highly evaluated by many fashion experts. SIVIGLIA offers a total lineup of clothing based on “classics” with a modern interpretation that will keep customers coming back for more. The company is known for its aggressive and challenging stance in developing new fabrics and pursuing new technologies, and its jeans are a perfect example of this. For example, the ” HERO ” jeans have a slouchy silhouette while maintaining the same specifications of five-pocket jeans. The company’s future development is also something to keep an eye on.

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Jeans brand ” Care Label

The Italian jeans brand ” Care Label ” was launched in 2011 by Lapo Elkann, designer Leopoldo Durante, and others. The brand’s denim is sold mainly through famous select stores as a denim that pays close attention to details such as silhouette, sewing, cutting, and processing. The lining is printed with a password to access the Care Label blog and the brand logo on the theme of handling labeling. The sophisticated design is suitable for both dress and relaxed styles.

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Jeans brand ” tramarossa

A denim brand founded in Italy in 1967. The brand name means “red ears” in Italian. The brand uses denim fabric made in Italy, and all processes from cutting and sewing to finishing are done in Italy. The brand’s symbol, “scissors,” indicates that the brand uses handmade sartorial techniques. The jeans are decorated with rivets and delicate stitchwork with an Italian design. When rolled up, the stretch jeans are accented with details designed in the coloring of the sewing threads to resemble red flecks. The high cost-performance ratio also makes these jeans popular.

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Jeans brand ” AG (AG)

Style-conscious denim with beautiful legs.

In 2000, Adriano Goldschmidt, the founder of Diesel and a renowned denim designer, and Yol Koo of Course Manufacturing, a leader in the U.S. denim industry for high quality and innovative jeans, launched the AG” is a denim brand started by Adriano Goldschmidt and Yol Koo of Course Manufacturing, a leader in the U.S. denim industry for manufacturing high-quality, innovative jeans. The brand’s pattern, cutting, sewing, and expressive wash processing that supports a beautiful leg silhouette have attracted attention from early on, and the brand has received enthusiastic support from celebrities and buyers around the world.

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Jeans brand “ARMANI JEANS

Italian jeans at low prices.”

“ARMANI JEANS,” known as ARMANI’s casual line, produces Italian-made jeans at low prices within ARMANI and is worth a look for those who are interested in the brand. This line will be integrated with Emporio Armani from spring/summer 2018. Armani’s unique simple and dark worldview is firmly incorporated into the jeans.

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Jeans brand ” Eleventy

Make clothes you want to wear ”

This fashion brand was created in 2007 by two designers, Marco Baldassari and Paolo Zuntini. They originally ran a showroom in Milan and worked as agents for factory brands in the Lombardy area. One day, they realized that there was no brand that they wanted to wear, so they launched Eleventy with their own know-how. They have developed unique items based on the idea that a collection is an accumulation of interesting single items.

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Jeans brand ” REPLAY (REPLAY)

” Pioneer of the Italian jeans boom

The leading brand of Italian jeans started by Claudio Buzior in 1978. The brand boasts immense popularity in Europe. The brand is especially supported by fashion freaks who seek authentic yet edgy designs for jeans.

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Jeans brand ” GAS

GAS is an Italian jeans brand with unique details.

The GAS logo is called the double rainbow, which is a symbol of the two rainbows that are hung when the sun rises after a storm in Cape Town, a famous tourist spot in South Africa where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. The logo represents the two rainbows that form when the sun rises after a storm in Cape Town, a famous tourist spot in South Africa, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. The back pockets of the jeans have a transition that reflects the logo design. The unique color fading effect that can be enjoyed as the jeans are worn is an attraction that only Gus jeans can offer. In addition to the back pockets, there are many other features and innovations.

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Jeans brand ” DSQUARED2 (Dsquared)

The brand tab on the front is a key point of these luxurious jeans.

The fashion brand “DSQUARED2” was established in 1994 by twin brothers Dean and Dan Caitin. Born in Canada and having built their careers in Milan, they continue to present their collections in Italy while residing in London. Their designs, which reflect their diverse backgrounds, have attracted worldwide attention. The jeans collection is characterized by a tab sewn into the front. Although the jeans come in a variety of finishes and silhouettes, this tab makes it possible to identify the DSQUARED2 brand at a glance. The front pockets are angled like slant pockets, and other subtle functional design features are also noteworthy.

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