The ” Schott ” X ” Dickies ” set-up goes on sale today!


The " Schott " X " Dickies " set-up goes on sale today!

Schott, founded in 1913, and Dickies®, founded in 1922, will release a collaboration item on February 22, 2024. This spring-appropriate set-up by two of America’s leading brands is sure to be a hit!

The nostalgic yet modern-looking riders & pants are as perfect as ever!

With the concept of what remains unchanged in the ever-changing times, two types of set-ups collaborated by the two brands will be launched on February22(Fri.). By adding a wash to Dickies®’s classic “TC twill,” the fabric is not crispy, but rather has the feel of a worn-out, crumbly fabric. The result is a product that is nostalgic for adults and fresh for young people, and well worth a look.

FADE DOUBLE RIDERS ¥27,500(tax included) / FADE PILOT TROUSERS ¥19,800(tax included)

Check out the Schott X Dickies® setup!

Schott’s classic double riders with Dickies® material

Taking the double rider, a universal form for Schott, as the design source, the body width and length have been resized to create a more boxy silhouette that is easy to wear even with woven fabric. Three colors are available: NAVY, KHAKI, and CHARCOAL.


Dickies® standard work pants reflect Schott’s character

Based on Dickies®’s standard work pants, these pants have been resized to be more comfortable to wear, especially by providing more movement in the hips. The design is based on the “Air Crew Pants,” which were originally used as overpants, so the crotch is deep and the loose silhouette is distinctive. The iconic front zipper gives a Schott-like view of the world. Available in three colors: Navy, Khaki, and Charcoal.


Check out the Schott X Dickies® setup!

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