Check out Larcobaleno’s popular shoulder wallet! Brand’s First Campaign Movie Released!


Check out Larcobaleno's popular shoulder wallet! Brand's First Campaign Movie Released!

L’arcobaleno, a leather brand that focuses on the use of high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship, has released a campaign movie for spring/summer 2024. This is the first time the brand has released a seasonal campaign movie.

LARCOVALENO 24SS Campaign Movie

Almost all of LARCOVALENO’s items can be used as unisex items, and one of their appeals is that you can share them with your family or partner, or enjoy matching them in different colors. In this movie, the popular shoulder wallet is featured as a recommended item. In the movie, men wear the black color and women wear the off-white color. The movie proposes a coordinated look that enjoys color contrasts.

Almost all Larcobaleno items are produced in Italy. The leather items, carefully handmade by skilled craftsmen, attract many fans with their high quality and sophisticated designs. The flap shoulder wallet featured in the movie, like many other items, is also made in Italy. This gusseted, large-capacity item is the latest model in the popular shoulder wallet series, the third in the series, and features a flap design with an emphasis on functionality as a pouch.

Check out the ” Flap Shoulder Wallet “.

It has a large capacity to hold cards, bills, coins, as well as a smartphone and other small items!

The front and back of the wallet have three card pockets and a space for bills and coins, while the gusseted pouch section provides enough space for a smartphone and other small items. It is like a fusion of a wallet and a mini bag, and you will never have trouble going out with just one of these. The length of the shoulder strap can be changed by adjusting the knot, so you can coordinate it according to your needs and outfit of the day.
(3 card pockets, 1 coin pocket, 3 free pockets, total length of shoulder strap: 140 cm)

Goat leather with good coloring offers a full taste of L’Arco Baleno’s character.

Goat leather (goat leather) from the prestigious French tannery “Arlane” is used for the material, which is characterized by its good coloring, lightness, and high durability due to its fine leather fibers. The surface of the leather is finely stamped, making it resistant to scratches and stains, and it can be used vigorously. Incidentally, the name “L’arcobaleno,” which means rainbow in Italian, evokes the image of vivid colors that are indispensable when talking about the brand, as well as the wish that “L’arcobaleno items reach the world like a rainbow bridge. The color of the leather is also noteworthy, as the name “L’arcobaleno,” which means “rainbow,” evokes the vivid colors that are essential to the brand.

Check out the ” Flap Shoulder Wallet

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