Prada to hold pop-up at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building! The latest items will be on sale in advance!


Prada to hold pop-up at Isetan Shinjuku Men's Building! The latest items will be on sale in advance!

Prada is currently holding a pop-up store from June 12 (Wed) to June 25 (Tue), 2024 at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building, 1st floor, The Stage. A special selection of clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories will be offered, featuring stylish yet casual items.

Experience the world of Prada’s new collection in the store’s red and ivory stripes with original furniture from the 60s.

The walls of the store are decorated with sophisticated red and ivory stripes, a reinterpretation of the summer season’s signature motif, and are furnished with original furniture from Brazil and Italy in the 1960s. In the central space, armchairs are placed on a black checkered rug to emphasize the relaxed atmosphere, and the space is full of originality with the latest Prada items.

A collection of this season’s hottest items that are rough yet not forgetting a sophisticated style

The items introduced at this pop-up store are characterized by their casual and sophisticated attitude. The items include a gabardine blazer, a light coat with a minimalist silhouette, a silk satin bomber jacket inspired by the ” Ivy League,” the collective name for the eight prestigious private universities in the northeastern United States, chinocloth pants that are durable and smooth, and knee-length bermudas. The collection will also feature chinocloth pants and a polo shirt with a border stripe that matches the knee-length Bermuda shorts. Classic knitwear consists of V-necks in contrasting colors, as well as casual pieces such as short baggy pants, ribbed velvet shirts, and total looks in cotton satin and stripes. Prada’s ” Re-Nylon ” line, a sustainable project, is an integral part of the collection and appears in many fresh styles.

Shoes, bags, and new pieces from the famous Saffiano series will be available for pre-sale!

The shoes range from leather sneakers to the new Monolith in brushed calf with an updated sole. From the compact size sustainable line ” Re-Nylon ” comes a backpack, a stylish soft leather duffel bag, and a suede crossbody bag. A wide range of items such as wallets and pouches in Prada’s signature Saffiano leather, hats and belts in various styles will be available for pre-sale at the pop-up at Isetan.

Prada Men’s Pop-up Store at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building

Location: Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building, 1st floor, The Stage
Dates: June 12 (Wed) – June 25 (Tue), 2024

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